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[texts]Scientific American Volume 70 Number 14 (April 1894)

Keywords: scientific; patent; patents; adapted; american; tbe; munn; steam; scientific american; center; telescoping tube; inch pipe; car track; express money; perspective views; american supplement; horse power; street car; deep sea
Downloads: 49
[texts]Scientific American Volume 78 Number 05 (January 1898)

Keywords: scientific; patent; patents; american; aluminum; appropriations; commissioner; guns; scientific american; oil; foreign countries; candle power; patent office; total cash; wood oil; linseed oil; trade mark; horse power; american supplement
Downloads: 40
[texts]Scientific American Volume 92 Number 08 (February 1905)

Keywords: scientific; watches; croton; patent; railroad; chicago; tion; automobile; scientific american; american; american supplement; san juan; total number; hot air; ten cents; egg watch; liberty bell; rotating anode; rocky mountain
Downloads: 44
[texts]Scientific American Volume 90 Number 20 (May 1904)

Keywords: scientific; aluminium; ore; american; tion; radium; photographic; automobile; lake superior; scientific american; photographic plates; photographic plate; east india; american supplement; bare photographic; salt solution; iron ore; torpedo boat
Downloads: 45
[texts]Scientific American Volume 79 Number 04 (July 1898)

Keywords: scientific; bicycle; portion; artesian; feet; water; ships; tion; red cross; spanish; feet wide; base portion; scientific american; south dakota; years ago; fire mains; thirty years; upper surface; west indian
Downloads: 29
[texts]Scientific American Volume 74 Number 19 (May 1896)

Keywords: scientific; valve; steam; tbe; apparatus; bicycle; munn; american; scientific american; water; average speed; address munn; horse power; inch armor; postal union; foreign countries; johnson grass; send stamp; water level
Downloads: 41
[texts]Scientific American Volume 78 Number 12 (March 1898)

Keywords: torpedo; scientific; shaft; cattle; tion; vespucci; pulp; amerigo; torpedo boat; steam; storage battery; going astern; scientific american; pitch ratio; horse power; countries belonging; trade mark; trade marks; electric power
Downloads: 36
[texts]Scientific American Volume 67 Number 08 (August 1892)

Keywords: scientific; electric; labor; tion; patent; patents; phobian; munn; scientific american; steam; looped path; horse power; sealed proposals; professor pickering; sewing machine; phobian feet; smokeless powder; point marked; express money
Downloads: 58
[texts]Scientific American Volume 63 Number 05 (August 1890)

Keywords: tbe; scientific; steam; bis; munn; lake; electric; patent; scientific american; tion; tbe ist; tbe fire; lake front; horse power; tbe life; floor plans; tbe author; tbe constellation; tbe cost
Downloads: 39
[texts]Scientific American Volume 68 Number 22 (June 1893)

Keywords: scientific; patent; munn; tion; columbian; cable; steam; electric; scientific american; american; electric motor; carpet beetle; horse power; mount sinai; wind mill; express money; railway rail; trial trip; bering sea
Downloads: 56
[texts]Scientific American Volume 75 Number 17 (October 1896)

Keywords: scientific; tbe; american; patent; pipe; rail; apparatus; vaccination; scientific american; tion; vital statistics; pure water; human life; death rate; upper plunger; washed coffee; hot air; postal union; hot water
Downloads: 37
[texts]Scientific American Volume 59 Number 17 (October 1888)

Keywords: scientific; patent; patented; contained; electric; steam; illustrated; american; scientific american; price; numeral wheel; express money; supreme court; electric light; patent appeals; cubic feet; tractive power; american supplement; circuit courts
Downloads: 35
[texts]Scientific American Volume 72 Number 24 (June 1895)

Keywords: scientific; cement; american; lime; chicago; gas; canal; steam; scientific american; munn; friction wheel; des plaines; open season; portland cement; specific gravity; hot water; raw materials; salt water; coal dust
Downloads: 34
[texts]Scientific American Volume 92 Number 03 (January 1905)

Keywords: feet; scientific; automobile; tasmanian; tion; barrels; tunnel; american; blue gum; scientific american; lindsay light; feet long; tasmanian blue; second mirror; grand central; american museum; york central; bone cabin
Downloads: 33
[texts]Scientific American Volume 68 Number 02 (January 1893)

Keywords: scientific; american; steam; shaft; patent; machine; siemens; munn; scientific american; von; takes place; stubbs files; werner von; american files; square feet; years ago; sewing machine; von siemens; keel blocks
Downloads: 50
[texts]Scientific American Volume 66 Number 25 (June 1892)

Keywords: patent; scientific; munn; electric; canyon; famine; tion; patents; scientific american; stevens; letters patent; good roads; patent office; time ball; grand canyon; sewing machine; hot water; stevens institute; fur seals
Downloads: 37
[texts]Scientific American Volume 91 Number 04 (July 1904)

Keywords: electric; scientific; apparatus; ramsay; steam; railroad; american; coupling; sir william; william; san francisco; motor cars; scientific american; american july; william ramsay; shingle dip; roof leak; average speed; kilowatt hour
Downloads: 52
[texts]Scientific American Volume 80 Number 03 (January 1899)

Keywords: apparatus; steam; scientific; beets; fulton; american; tion; patent; wool fat; bicycle; high grade; german silver; scientific american; edible weeds; purified wool; storage battery; paper copy; edible weed; coast defense
Downloads: 32
[texts]Scientific American Volume 74 Number 09 (February 1896)

Keywords: patents; scientific; patent; patented; adapted; tion; munn; american; scientific american; steam; railway post; rapid transit; post office; general post; circuit breaker; third avenue; patent office; post offices; horse power
Downloads: 33
[texts]Scientific American Volume 64 Number 25 (June 1891)

Keywords: scientific; croton; water; steam; dam; patent; munn; electric; scientific american; iron; express money; croton river; quaker bridge; sulphuric acid; horse power; sewing machine; years ago; water supply; cornell site
Downloads: 37
[texts]Scientific American Volume 83 Number 20 (November 1900)

Keywords: steam; electric; power; valve; tion; engine; feet; automobile; horse power; rays; electric mining; atomic weight; scientific american; motor vehicle; big tree; power house; big trees; paris exposition; acetylene gas
Downloads: 54
[texts]Scientific American Volume 80 Number 01 (January 1899)

Keywords: scientific; tion; feet; tbe; american; electric; patent; apparatus; scientific american; rotary; large number; weather bureau; great britain; sheet metal; german empire; liquid air; annual meeting; calendar year; gas engine
Downloads: 42
[texts]Scientific American Volume 72 Number 20 (May 1895)

Keywords: scientific; tbe; steam; colors; munn; american; ment; bessemer; scientific american; apparatus; ten miles; postal union; gas engine; wild animals; horse power; white light; crank pin; white lines; largest circulation
Downloads: 53
[texts]Scientific American Volume 90 Number 10 (March 1904)

Keywords: scientific; valve; torpedo; steam; american; patent; battleships; munn; second class; scientific american; russian ships; rotary valve; protected cruiser; steam cylinder; port arthur; sheet metal; cubic feet; massachusetts institute
Downloads: 36
[texts]Scientific American Volume 81 Number 20 (November 1899)

Keywords: scientific; power; steam; electric; niagara; armor; apparatus; patent; horse power; tion; acetylene gas; water vapor; scientific american; trade mark; trade marks; shipping interests; hydraulic power; niagara falls; power house
Downloads: 47
[texts]Scientific American Volume 91 Number 12 (September 1904)

Keywords: patent; scientific; apparatus; wire; american; cylinders; electric; device; scientific american; tion; heating surface; valve gear; total weight; gas engine; inches diameter; sir william; square feet; american september; reference work
Downloads: 86
[texts]Scientific American Volume 89 Number 18 (October 1903)

Keywords: scientific; patent; electric; device; portland; american; locomotive; cement; scientific american; gasoline; patent granted; letters patent; portland cement; single car; circuit court; sheet piling; square feet; touring car; large scale
Downloads: 56
[texts]Scientific American Volume 88 Number 12 (March 1903)

Keywords: scientific; steel; inches; electric; american; device; current; tion; horse power; scientific american; steam steam; tube system; square feet; wave series; american march; steel springs; electric waves; gas engine
Downloads: 44
[texts]Scientific American Volume 79 Number 18 (October 1898)

Keywords: patent; steam; boiler; apparatus; power; electric; boilers; vessels; scientific american; gun; total weight; square feet; horse power; library building; patent rights; chancellor green; soda solution; mount lowe; inch thick
Downloads: 46
[texts]Scientific American Volume 15 Number 01 (June 1866)

Keywords: combination; claim; purpose; constructed; set; described; arranged; manner; stantially; operating; carbolic acid; scientific american; purpose set; steam boiler; york city; combination witli; crushing machine; grinding machine; purposes set; manner described
Downloads: 38
[texts]Scientific American Volume 33 Number 12 (September 1875)

Keywords: patent; iron; steam; bar; scientific; boiler; august; improved; soft iron; planing; scientific american; lower ends; post office; boring bar; patent office; wrought iron; feed water; iron filings; lightning rod
Downloads: 33
[texts]Scientific American Volume 02 Number 41 (July 1847)

Keywords: patent; scientific; tion; patented; munn; stave; fulton; freedom; god speed; prism; patented june; knife roller; square feet; carbonic acid; large knife; scientific american
Downloads: 47
[texts]Scientific American Volume 16 Number 26 (June 1867)

Keywords: claim; combination; purpose; patent; arranged; constructed; machine; steam; manner; set; steam generator; cast iron; purpose set; scientific american; purposes set; young men; patent office; steam engine; binding apparatus; carbonic acid
Downloads: 29
[texts]Scientific American Volume 14 Number 23 (June 1866)

Keywords: claim; combination; purpose; constructed; set; patent; manner; arranged; purpose set; tbe; wick tube; pointing tool; claim making; claim forming; purposes set; blotting paper; pose set; scientific american; patent office
Downloads: 46
[texts]Scientific American Volume 16 Number 17 (April 1867)

Keywords: combination; claim; purpose; constructed; arranged; set; steam; patent; purpose set; manner; mesne assignments; wrought iron; purposes set; stuffing box; scientific american; steam engine; cast iron; purpose bet; wind mill
Downloads: 28
[texts]Scientific American Volume 23 Number 03 (July 1870)

Keywords: patent; steam; scientific; iron; american; consists; zinc; tion; patent office; patents; gas stoves; city hall; common roads; portable steam; antedated june; lantern fly; wrought iron; scientific american; best design
Downloads: 32
[texts]Scientific American Volume 85 Number 24 (December 1901)

Keywords: inches; armor; scientific; naval; steel; torpedo; feet; guns; main deck; scientific american; waterline belt; union iron; horse power; indicated horse; american december; gas engine; main battery; protective deck
Downloads: 49
[texts]Scientific American Volume 05 Number 10 (September 1861)

Keywords: patent; patents; claim; scientific; gun; inventor; combination; steam; patent office; manner; longitudinal strain; years ago; scientific american; letters patent; purpose set; cast steel; address munn; purposes set; surface condensers
Downloads: 35
[texts]Scientific American Volume 03 Number 44 (July 1848)

Keywords: patent; tion; scientific; patented; railroad; steam; boston; improvement; patented july; fulton; feet water; cast iron; young men; model potato; scientific american; gutta percha; patent office; sulphuric acid; carbonic acid
Downloads: 54
[texts]Scientific American Volume 02 Number 45 (July 1847)

Keywords: scientific; patent; patented; iron; july; tion; miles; steam; steam engine; patented july; great improvement; charcoal points; short time; second class; scientific american; india rubber; twelve millions; wrought iron
Downloads: 41
[texts]Scientific American Volume 20 Number 03 (January 1869)

Keywords: patent; scientific; iron; steam; machine; flora; oxide; tion; scientific american; molding; patent granted; office twenty; carbonic acid; twenty days; primeval flora; planing machine; horse hay; antedated december; lightning rod
Downloads: 55
[texts]Scientific American Volume 21 Number 18 (October 1869)

Keywords: steam; patent; iron; spark; water; boiler; scientific; tion; scientific american; machine; great deal; american institute; sulphuric acid; san francisco; flaming spark; tion relates; ozonized air; wrought iron; twenty years
Downloads: 40
[texts]Scientific American Volume 18 Number 26 (June 1868)

Keywords: combination; purpose; arranged; claim; set; tbe; machine; constructed; manner; steam; steam engine; finger bar; purpose set; sheet iron; purposes set; antedated june; water vessel; patent office; sewing machine; cooking stove
Downloads: 46
[texts]Scientific American Volume 19 Number 05 (July 1868)

Keywords: combination; tbe; purpose; constructed; arranged; set; claim; patent; purposes; manner; set screws; cast iron; purpose set; tbe manner; purposes set; hot air; scientific american; patent office; tbe purpose; antedated july
Downloads: 34
[texts]Scientific American Volume 75 Number 02 (July 1896)

Keywords: scientific; patent; adapted; tion; american; feet; consists; tbe; scientific american; center; mud pocket; express money; leading feature; sealing flap; years ago; safety check; thunder storms; trolley rod; design consists
Downloads: 51
[texts]Scientific American Volume 29 Number 15 (October 1873)

Keywords: patent; steam; scientific; improved; center; patents; iron; consists; scientific american; tion; hydrochloric acid; cubic feet; optic couches; carbolic acid; cast iron; sewing machine; steam engine; warm air; carbonic acid
Downloads: 27
[texts]Scientific American Volume 06 Number 39 (June 1851)

Keywords: patent; pendulum; inertia; tion; manner; steam; woodworth; scientific; three times; mechanical; gain power; canon arbor; wrought iron; pendant lever; patent office; machine patented; scientific american; steam engines
Downloads: 51
[texts]Scientific American Volume 07 Number 34 (May 1852)

Keywords: patent; tion; steam; iron; boiler; claim; railroad; scientific; scientific american; elvan; steering gear; steam engine; patent office; crystal palace; steam engines; years ago; railroad car; rain water; purpose set
Downloads: 37
[texts]Scientific American Volume 07 Number 13 (December 1851)

Keywords: patent; steam; claim; railroad; combination; tion; quantity; scientific; steam engine; patented; horse power; front teeth; patent office; patent band; railroad company; oil passes; purposes set; scientific american; false head
Downloads: 36
[texts]Scientific American Volume 28 Number 01 (January 1873)

Keywords: patent; steam; scientific; consists; tion; furnish; american; patents; scientific american; iron; rapid transit; inner ends; steam engine; water pipes; science record; sewing machine; york steam; patent office; feed water
Downloads: 29
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